Answers to Frequently Asked Septic Tank Questions!

It is recommended to have your septic tank pumped every 3-5 years, although the time does vary on the amount of people in the house. If you have questions, or you are unsure of when your septic tank was last pumped, then give us a call today at
+1 (406) 459-6990.

Yes! Many people forget to clean out the filter in their septic tank. We recommend doing this every 6 months. Doing this will help you maintain your septic tank. Failure to have your filter cleaned can result in an expensive backup in your home. Big Sky Septic Pumping & Service offers affordable filter cleaning. Call us today!

Your septic system functions organically, if it doesn't breakdown, it should not go down your tank. Things like feminine products, garbage, baby wipes (no they are NOT septic safe!), excessive use of cleaners, bleach, etc., can kill the natural bacteria in your tank. If you need a complete list or have questions, please give us a call at
+1 (406) 459-6990. Maintaining your septic tank will help it last much longer.

Septic tanks are usually located near your property underground. It depends on the property and how old your septic tank is. If you are outside the city limits, you more than likely have a septic system. Big Sky Septic Pumping & Services has all the tools needed to help you locate your septic system if you do not know where it is located.